Marque Oxalia
certifiée Bio et haut de gamme




Marque Oxalia
certifiée Bio et haut de gamme


The concept is to bring the institute to your home by recreating the warm and cocooning world of a treatment, without the need to travel.You will find the same comfort, atmosphere and quality of high-end care as in an institute.

A team of qualified and passionate beauticians, all trained in the same way to offer high-end care at home.

Why Dubarry Beauty, Home esthetic ?


Professional graduates, qualified.

– Save time: no more waiting, no need to travel.

– A welcome massage of the hands, feet or scalp offered during your first appointment and as well as during all your appointments if you choose to subscribe to the VIP * subscription.

– Punctuality guaranteed.

– To respect your interior, the beauticians take off their shoes when you get there.

– Flexible and wide hours, 7/7.

– Possibility of obtaining an appointment within two hours.

– Premium quality aesthetic products, certified organic, and partnerships with leading brands.

– Appointment booking and online payment (under construction, this will be active in March).

– Ability to choose the esthetician of your choice.

– New massages offered regularly throughout the year.

– After a treatment, you remain at home calmly, while continuing to relax to keep the benefits of the treatment. A gourmet break is served to you after each massage or facial treatment.

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